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Repeating Group to CSV Download Not Working

I just paid for this plug in 25 USD and it does not appear to be working. I see no additional options related to the plug. It is installed although I am not sure if it has activated after payment. There is no email for support so all I can do it post here. On Design page I do see “rg to csv” but nothing under workflow? Thanks,

Hello @stephen.clegg. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please make sure that you have placed the plugin element on the page where you are going to use this plugin?

Once you have the plugin element on the page, you will be able to use the plugin’s actions/events and other functionalities.

You have reached out to the correct place. Please use Zeroqode forum for reporting your technical issues and for searching for some useful insights from other users.

I need to ask you for more details on this matter. Would you kindly share the screenshots of your page design/workflow setup? Also, please take a look at our demo page editor, to see how you should set up the plutin on your side:

I hope it helps. :pray: