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Repeating Group to CSV Plugin


Hi Zeroqode Team,

Can you advise on this issue? Export is not exporting all values from repeating group. The only difference is this field is an Input in order to limit the number of characters. Attaching screenshots.


How it should look:

How it exports:


@josh3 Hello.

Could please tell me if the input search for Summative is inside an individual group which should be inside the repeating group?
If not could you test this out, by placing the input inside the individual group.

ZQ Team.


Yes it is actually already contained within an individual group. All of my elements/inputs have their own individual group. And yes it is within the repeating group.


Okay, I see.

We’ll check this out and offer an update on the matter regarding the issue with the exporting the input fields content.
It’ll take some time here, so please bear with us while we solve it.
Thanks for understanding.


Hi @josh3 we have update the plugin and fixed the issue, please upgrade the plugin version, refresh the page and give it a try


@levon, you are the best! This is going to be helpful for both this project and the one I’m currently building. I’ll try out the update today.