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RepeatingGroup to CSV not downloading all RG records


On this page in this app:

I have a repeating group called “RepeatingGroup Candidates” with an id of “rg_cand_list” as per below screenshot:


I have a text field showing a total number of records in the RG at the bottom of the page:


And Zeroqodes RepeatingGroup to CSV element referencing the RG id with an icon you can click to trigger the download:


The download workflow looks like this (I’ve added a 5 sec pause between the file creation and the download step to allow it time to complete the CSV creation in case timing was an issue):


As you can see from the debugger view the count is indicating 430 rows in the RG and the inspecting the RG directly shows at least 100+ records (before I got tired of scrolling):


But the CSV output file contains only 15 rows!

Either I have not implemented it correctly or there is a bug. Admittedly, probably the former but I need to raise it as I feel I’ve exhausted the options for implementing it differently.

Is anyone able to assist? @alex.grimacovschi


Link to output file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9LPNkFz-6z5WFkzV1FtT0QxN2JJVk1ScEdUTmhYa0N2bUM0/view?usp=sharing


Hello @mike1,

Thank you for reaching out and providing the details. We have checked your app and unfortunately, the reported bug is not reproducing. The functionality was tested a few times and every time it worked correctly. Here is one of the CSV files created during the testing. As you can see it has 600+ rows in it.

Could you please check again the functionality of downloading the CSV file and let us know if the bug is reproducing?

Best Regards,


Hi Alex - yes I can still reproduce it exactly as described and don’t get any other result. How to resolve from here?


Hello @mike1,

Here is what we can recommend:

  1. Try to test the plugin in the incognito mode of the browser. (you may have some settings limiting the downloading of the files)
  2. Check on other devices if the plugin is working. Please let us know the name and the version of the OS and browser you are using when the plugin is not working.
  3. Reinstall the plugin and try to add to a new, empty page a Repeating Group and download the data using the plugin. Also, if you can please check with different devices if the plugin is working.
  4. Share a screenshot of the console after the initiation of the download.

Unfortunately after our testes, the plugin is working correctly so we cannot locate the problem. Please let us know the results of your test I hope this will help to find the cause of the issue and solve it.

Best Regards,


Hi again @alex.grimacovschi. Really not sure how it is working for you guys!

I have done everything you have suggested above with the same result.

I have created a much more simplified version on a test page here (with just the repeating groups, count indicators and download buttons and nothing else). I have also created a second version of the repeating group without links and icons included to test whether these elements are causing issues.

After uninstalling and re-installing the plugin I have tested this in incognito/private modes in the following (latest) browser versions (screenshots of console logs attached - no errors or logs showing on consoles) on Windows 10:

  1. Microsoft Edge (chromium Beta):

  2. Chrome:

  3. Firefox:

    NB. Firefox is showing some console errors but on review these seem unrelated

I’ll attach the output files for each browser. Really not sure how to progress this. I’m sorry to press the issue, but I can’t see what is different between what your team is doing and myself. On review of what I am doing, is there anything that you are noticing is immediately different?

Just to rule out my specific PC, we are getting similar results on other Windows 10 machines. Is your team using Windows 10? Can you send me video/screenshots/excel files of your results?


Output files here:

Please let me know if you can’t access, but FYI they are all showing short lists of around 8 records when the RGs contain lists of 14 records.


Hello @mike1,

Thank you for sharing all the details and creating the test page. We checked your page using two computers with WIN 10 OS and one with iOS. Again the issue is not reproducing. The only case when was downloaded only 8 entries was when the group “RepeatingGroup Visa DL” wasn’t scrolled. Here is a vide of testing your app: https://www.loom.com/share/b89cdd1ac25e45de928ce41790bcb34a
The downloaded files can be found under the tab Data > File Manager.

As you can see when the RG is fully scrolled all data are saved in the CSV. You can see the file by clicking on the view button.
I am afraid at this point considering that the bug is not reproducing on our side the only solution will be to submit a report to Bubbe. Here is the link for reporting: https://bubble.io/bug_report

I am sorry that we cannot provide a solution. Unfortunately, there are no other actions that we can take to assist.

Hoping for your understanding!

Best Regards,


Actually @alex.grimacovschi - I think you’ve answered my question in your response. I didn’t realise you need to scroll through the entire list contained in the RG in order to be able to extract the data.

Although I can appreciate why this might work this way, due to how a RG must manage load times, this is impractical from a usability perspective when records potentially number in the thousands.

I will need to abandon the plugin and pursue a custom solution for my app I think. Out of curiosity, I did review the documentation and this limitation doesn’t seem to be mentioned. Did I miss it?

Thanks for the assistance!


I assumed that you know about the necessity to scroll because you mentioned it in your first message.

Anyway, it is the way how the plugin works so we cannot change it.

Regarding the documentation, unfortunately, there is only mentioned that the plugin processes the RG so the idea is that the data from RG needs to be loaded. It is definitely not obvious so we will add a note to the documentation.

Best Regards,


Ah, I see. I was scrolling through the records in the debugger - not the RG. :slight_smile: All good.

I think the note in the documentation on this limitation would be helpful, and totally understand that you can’t change the plugin if this is the only time this use-case has come up (or if its even possible - my main concern now is whether there is a way of exporting all the records at all from an RG that have very long lists where both displaying the entire list and/or scrolling to the end is impractical)!


Unfortunately, we don’t have such a solution and I don’t know about any alternative solutions that may help you. Most probably it will be needed a separate plugin for that. At the moment we in our roadmap we don’t have planned any plugins for that scope. Even if a plugin like this would exist it would download data from the Database and not the RG.

Best Regards,