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Request for Plugin Change


Hi Zeroqode team,

Would it be possible to set a start time on the on the Stopwatch plugin? I want to use the plugin to display time spent on a form. If the user returns to the form, I want to preset the Days, Hours, Minutes, and seconds according to where the last left off.

Example Workflow: User enters form and stopwatch starts - User clicks save for later and a workflow is fired off to store the days, minutes, hours, and seconds as a log entry - When the user returns, the Stopwatch begins with the accumulated value of days, minutes, hours, and seconds.

This would make the plugin way more valuable to customers since we often have timed pages/documents. I only use this plugin in one app right now, but if the changes were made, I could easily use it in my other 4.

⏰ Simple Timer/Stopwatch - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hello @josh3

Thanks for the feedback and support!
We’ll take a look at it and provide an update on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding.


Just checking in to see if you guys had discussed these possible changes. I’m going to need to contract a dev to build it if you guys can’t make this change. Hope your team has a good rest of your day!


Hello @josh3

Sorry for late response. :pray:
Thanks for checking back! We are working on changes, also the update should be available soon.
We’ll notify in thread.


Hello @josh3

Thanks for patience and support!
We’ve pushed the update to production, please upgrade the plugin and give it a try.