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Requesting urgent support for web app Responsive setting (for smartphone + tablet UI)



I’m currently encountering difficulties with the Responsive side of my application. I really need help with it. Is there someone with expertise who can help me with it, handle it for me?

I’ve already checked out the support video multiple times beforehand, tried doing it a couple of times but still facing issues. It’s complicated. I’m stuck right now. Any expert who can assist me overcoming this? I would really appreciate your prompt reply.

Best Regards,


Thanks for posting this, to increase the response rate I would also suggest you to post at https://forum.bubble.is under freelance category.
Hope this helps.
We at Zeroqode also do custom development projects but our minimum amount per project is $3000, not sure if this would make sense for responsive fixes.


Hi levon,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate it.

$3000 just for a responsive fix is pretty costly on my side as a startup.
I have a suggestion. Perhaps your team can come up with a more cost-friendly specific fix feature, which focuses on issues like mine. I believe there are others who are also experiencing this type of problem, judging by the forum stats. By doing so, your team would definitely create a new revenue channel and help the founders tremendously at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.


You are correct there is a demand, but unfortunately the overheads to manage small projects like these are same as managing projects bigger than $3000 and in our case given our internal processes it doesn’t make sense for us.
There are quite some freelancers that would be happy to do small fixes for you and i think that would be the best scenario.
Sorry for not being more helpful at the moment.


i understand levon where you comin from.
Well, thank you for your suggestion. Do you know where i can get in touch with these freelancers?


Do you have any freelancers here?


just as I already mentioned in my initial message on this thread you could find these freelancers by posting on https://forum.bubble.is under “freelance” category.
I don’t think there are many freelancers on our Zeroqode Forum