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Results from "Full Math.js" stored in database, but not really


I am having some problems storing numbers calculated from the “Full Math.js” plugin to my database.
It goes as follows:

  1. First I use the plugin to calculate an expression
  2. I fetch the result and add to the field where I want to store it
  3. I use the debugger to make sure that everything gets stored. (it does)
  4. Checking my database. The fields where I stored the numbers from Full Math.js are empty.

Thing I have tried:

  • In stage 2, I have tried adding raw numbers instead. This gets stored in the database with no issues.
  • I have tried temporary storing the result from Full Math.js in a separate state and showing it as a text in the webpage. This works flawlessly. When I try to store the number in this temporary state in the database, it still results in empty fields in the database. (When using the debugger, step_by_step, it looks like the number gets stored, so I have no clue how it dissapears)

Hi @vegard.tommernes,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, we are able to replicate this issue on our side too, unfortunately. Please let us investigate this request with our developers as well then get back to you with working solutions asap!


Hi @vegard.tommernes,

An update here. It is just the Bubble itself that doesn’t manage to save the plugin’s state. You simply need to pause it for a bit, this way:

Firstly, create a custom even where you Create a new Thing and save the plugin state values into database fields

And when you call your Math.js action (e.g. Logarithm) just call the freshly created event with a delay of 1 second

And it will manage to save the values into your database with no problems.


What’s the first action in Step 1?

Hello, @kolcov.aleksandr
Thanks for your question.

As I understand you correctly, your question is related to this part of the documentation:

If yes, please note that you should place a plugin element on the page, where it should be.
After purchasing the plugin, you can find it on the elements panel here:

Allow me to advise you to carefully analyze the Demo Page and the Demo Editor page, where you can find the correct settings for this plugin: zeroqode-demo-12 | Bubble Editor

Hope my answer will help you.
Best regards,