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Resume Builder - New Template from Zeroqode


Hey all,
we have just published a new template - Resume Builder!

This template is a fully responsive resume builder app that allows your users to sign in with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google or Twitter and automatically populate their information into a resume. Resumes are generated as a web page or can be downloaded as a pdf file. It comes with stripe payments, and affiliate/referral program that uses coinbase api to make the commission payouts.

Here is the link to the template

this is the link to the documentation

and some screenshots


Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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Hey guys, great template. I was just having a test of it and tried importing my own data into the demo but it didn’t import any of the experience data + dates which I assume should work (its on the screenshots above)?

Can you let me know if this is a bug or if its just a limitation?



Hey Jayden,
from which social network you were trying to import your data? Did it import anything or nothing at all? Can you share some screenshots please and provide a link to your social network account?

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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I am trying to set up the Apify API workflows. And this is what I have now but I just get an error.

Here is the api connector.

I am getting this error.
“error”: {
“type”: “page-not-found”,
“message”: “We have bad news: there is no API endpoint at this URL. Did you specify it correctly?”


I see that you change the configuration from the way it was originally in the template, here is a screenshot of the original configuration

see the difference?


The reason it was different from the original template is because the Bubble API connector did not copy over.

I made those changes but I am now getting an error that the record was not found. Not sure if I have my workflow to run the Apify connector set up right.

Here is the workflow to run the Apify

Here it makes changes to the resume.


That’s very strange, API connector is supposed to get copied over, except the secret keys that are used in it. Can you please try to create one more app with the same template and see if the API connector appears there? If it does, then it could have been a glitch from Bubble and you can just copy everything from there. If it doesn’t we’ll probably file a bug report with Bubble to have it fixed and we’ll figure out how to help you configure the workflows


Ok, will see what I can do. I am working on this for some else. Also not sure if you made your own social login api or used the plugins but none of the social logins were connected and it also seemed to copy a lot of development data over.


the social logins cannot be connected because the URLs are different and you need to use your own credentials. Just create apps at Facebook etc and then you will get credentials that you can use in the plugins.


Yes, I got that connected easily, just wasn’t sure if the plugins were suppose to be installed when copied over.


yes, all the plugins are supposed to be installed.


We made another copy of the template and it copied the Api Connector plugin but none of the calls. I got the Api call for Apify but I am not getting the workflow to work yet. We are trying to get it launched to today so any help will be appreciated. Thanks


so here is the body of the API call because it might have not fit entirely in the screenshot.
“url”: “”,
“pdfOptions”: {
“format”: “a4”,
“printBackground”: true
“name”: “”
and a screenshot:

and these are the screenshots for the workflows:

hope these help


Ok, thanks. This will help me a lot.


I set up everything as shown shown in the post above but I am getting this error when trying to download it.


just sent you a pm, please check



How can we change the design of the resumes ?

Thank you in advance,



Hello Tristan,
once you own the template you will be able to change it through the Bubble editor (Bubble is the platform which this template is built on). When you buy the template we’ll give you a little guidance where to change the design of resumes


Hi Levon and team,

I’m having a lot of trouble on the generation of the pdf section. It works sometimes, but more often it gives an error that it can’t find the file, or it does work but the entire text of the pdf appears blank (it works for the web view, but not when I click download PDF).


Is there someone from the team that can help me out?



Hi Ahmad,
please add [email protected] as a collaborator (no need to upgrade your app’s plan) to your app and please describe how exactly should we reproduce the issue