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Retrieve a Stripe Customer's Card ID

Do we need to create a “Custom” Stripe account to access the Card ID of a customer?

I’m creating a marketplace where Sellers can charge Customers and the platform receives a % of the fee charged.
I’ve watched the tutorials, read several forum posts and tried to copy the demo with no success on this.

When I create a new Customer in Stripe, the credit card info is only assigned a Payment Method ID and not a Card ID. The problem with this, is that the first field in the Link Customer To Seller workflow requires the Customer CardID (not the Payment Method ID).

  1. Link Customer To Seller **This requires the CardID of the Customer (not Payment Method ID)
  2. Seller Charge A Customer

Hello @cdp2231

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, the credit card is saved and when you use the “Create a card token” action and when the Card token is created, you save the credit card ID information in Stripe. Therefore, in order to access the card ID of a customer, the credit card token has to be created first and then saved to Stripe to be later used in the link of a customer to the seller. I believe, it is not possible to use the “Link a customer to a seller” action
without saving Stripe’s credit card ID.

In case you have any other questions, just let me know :slight_smile:

Have a great day.