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Reviewly questions

I was wondering a few things about Reviewly

For this template, is there a way to use an API like Google Maps or Foursquare or something to auto-populate the businesses around the area a user inquires about and then let the user pick that business to look at info on or to review? Is that possible or does each listing need to be added by hand by either the admin or a user?

Also, the live demo doesn’t auto-fill anything when I try to search for a listing or try to create a new listing. Does the template do that?

Is there any support for the theme? Any instructional videos for the review theme?

Finally, is there a way for the theme to auto-locate the user so they can search for things nearby or do they have to type in their address?

Hello @gandrewvaughan

Thanks for reaching out! Let me give you some insight.

It should be possible to incorporate pretty much any API into template, whether is Google or Foursquare. Bubble’s API Connector, can connect to around 95% of APIs.
More details: https://manual.bubble.io/building-plugins/adding-api-connections.html
Here’s an example of setting up an API connection - https://bubble.io/plugin_editor?id=1487181547537x364191731148390400&tab=tabs-3

Currently the listings are added via template’s creation system. The business will post his biz listing on the platform and the Admin side will either confirm the addition or deny the biz.

The search is designed for searching location addresses, in the respective location the search results will be with the available listings :

Adding a business by a user on platform is curated by the Admin, if the Admin approves the biz it will be visible on the platform if not, it will be declined.

We provide the support, limited to answering general questions regarding the template and providing guidance through our forum.

For documentation please check - https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/reviewly-location-based-reviews-template
We provide courses and tutorials which can help you master Bubble faster - https://lab.zeroqode.com/

It should be possible to search nearby listings based on user’s location, as long as he/she gave the permission access to browser to identify the device.

Hope this helps.