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Reviewly template - custom search on google maps


Hello all, question Reviewly template which I can’t find the answer to.

In the template there is a possibility to search for places by location through Google Map (prescribed by Google Api).

  1. I created a test place (Moscow)

  2. approved the location in the admin panel

  3. I have registered the location on the home page

But when you try to find a spot, you’ll see a standard map of New York

What am I doing wrong? How do I get maps to show the location in search? Thank you for your help


Hello, @malvick1982

You did everything right, there was needed a few additional steps to make it work. So besides what you did, you should go to the search page. Open the RepeaatingGroup Business and modify the (Get location from URL is “xx”) to the location you specified in the link from the index page. Also, open Search for business options and change there the location.

Please let me know if you will have any other questions.

Best Regards.


Alex, thank you for the detailed instructions, now everything works.


Hey, Alex.
Another question on the Reviewly template.

I can’t configure the Recent Activity and New in columns as planned in the template.

And screen my site

There are new places, ratings and comments on them on the site, but they are not displayed there. Tell us how to do this.