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Reviewly Template

I like this Template and want to build something similar to Yelp. But for the Map I’m not sure how to get it to populate locations when I type things in the search bar. Would I need to use a API like google maps? Or do I need to upload a vast amount of data in order to do this?

what exactly do you mean? Can you show an example or record one with useloom.com?

He’s asking the same thing that I’ve asked. How do we get businesses to auto populate in the theme? I’m in a city and want to see restaurants around me. Do these only show up if they’ve been manually added by the owner of the theme or a business. Is there a way to auto populate with Google maps or Foursquare or anything so these businesses show up on the map without the users having to enter them one by one? I think he also means that when he starts typing in the search bar, the text will start to autofill with businesses with that text in their name? You know, just like Yelp works. Thanks for any info and telling us how to make this work.