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RG Reorder - issue with nested RG


I use the Drag & Drop Reorder RG plugin, to change the order of some elements.

I have a first RG which contains all the “sections” of my page. Each of these sections contains a RG with the “lines” of this section.

I have configured a Draggable element for the “sections” RG, and another draggable element for each “lines” RG.

Everything works I can change the order of the sections and lines perfectly.

The problem I have is that when I change the order of the sections, the lines contained in the sections that have moved cannot move anymore. But before changing the sections, the same lines can be changed without problems.

Have you ever had this problem?

Hello @lepetitdenicheur54,
Thanks for reaching out!

May I kindly request you provide us with some screenshots/screencasts of the issue and your setup? This will enable us to better understand and reproduce the problem on our end.

Video recording would be preferable. :pray:

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,