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Ridely 'temporary bug'


I am having this issue (photo attached) while working on the ‘Ridely’ template (for 2 days now). I just want to test the basic functionality of this template i.e. adding driver and rider then order and proceed with a trip. I have added the Google API, and Stripe API.
Please help.( this app run on hoppy plan)

Another issue: I also have a personal plan where I’ve connected the app (template) to my domain, and seems like things are working better (creating accounts driver and rider access location and Stripe), the only issue though (as I am learning the Bubble) I deleted the users data which comes with the template so I am not able to access the domain page and getting this msg (No user to set a temporary password to) I am trying to fix it with no luck so I decided to start fresh app.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, @mohd!

This error is shown because the bubble cannot complete the request. The request cannot be ended because there no users in the app (you have deleted them).
To fix that, please add an e-mail which you’ll use for the admin in the Data- App data (see screenshot as a reference).

The next step is to add this e-mail in the workflow of the Admin button which is located in the header.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

Hey @julia.minacova,

Many thanks this is really clear.



Hi, @mohd!

Glad to hear that it worked for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Best, Julia.

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Hi @julia.minacova, seems like some posts don’t get replied to! so I came back to get help from you.
I am having some issue with the amount charged after the end of the trip, as you can see the cost should be $6 but payment comes as $41.27. P.S it doesn’t happen all the time! Thanks (image attached)

Also, I am running into this issue with the Driver’s Stripe account

Based on this information from Stripe I should go here (image attached) So what URL should I add here? Or there is another setup I have to do, APIs all good I believe! Many Thanks

Hi, @mohd!

Thanks for reaching out!

Let me familiarize myself with your request and I will contact you shortly.

Best, Julia,

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Hi @julia.minacova!

Many thanks for your quick response, I have fixed the 2nd issues in regards to the drivers’ Stripe registration, I had to redirect the drivers to bubble workflow within my Stripe’s account :slight_smile:

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Hi, @mohd!

Glad to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:
With regards to your first issue, it happens so, because the formula for calculating the price in Сost differs from the formula for calculating the price in action- Charge the current user.


Please make the formula the same in both cases to troubleshoot your issue. We are going to improve this template in the nearest future.

Hipe this helps!
Best, Julia.