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RTE Rich Text Editor

Hi There,

I have to create a media to Webflow CMS using rich text and a call API.
The user will drop pictures within the rich text content.

When the RTE content is saved in Bubble DB, the picture is base64 formated within the content:
<img src='....(base64 image)
→ The Webflow API don’t like it and return an error

When I replace the base64 image source with an url inside the RTE content, it’s working:
<img src='https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/62b39f5841e0643870bf4cbe/63692f6df1177df6ca35687a_Capture%20d%E2%80%99e%CC%81cran%202022-11-07%20a%CC%80%2017.15.59.png' width='502'>
→ The Webflow API is working

I see there is an option “Upload image on AWS”, but it is not working.
The images are disappearing from the editor after 1 second.

Is there a way to produce an image source with an url using the plugin?

Many thanks for your help

Hello @romain,
Thanks for reaching out.

First of all, if I understand you correctly you would like to use our plugin in Webflow. But unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our plugins will work on a different site as they are designed for Bubble only.

In case you are using our plugin in Bubble app, would it be convenient for you to share more details about what issue you’ve encountered?

Namely, screenshots and screencast of your setup, the issue you see, expected result, for screencast recording I can suggest using the Loom tool. Detailed visualization will help us better understand your request and identify the probable cause. :pray:t2:

Looking forward to your reply.