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🥠 SalesForce API Connector - New Plugin from Zeroqode



This plugin connects to your Salesforce account and exchanges data with the Bubble application.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at https://zeroqode.com/plugin/salesforce-api-connector-1545963069108x315329958229049340

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi @Levon, could this plugin be used for a webhook such as this:

When customer “stage” is updated in salesforce, send webook to Bubble.

Or something like this:

When customer is added into salesforce, automatically send webhook to Bubble.



Hi Jordan,
plugin is used to making calls not receiving.
You can manually configure webhook in salesforce and then also configure API workflow endpoint in your bubble app to receive those webhooks and perform any action upon receiving the webhook.
You can use that in combination with the plugin in order to check some data, make changes in the salesforce.


@levon - makes sense. Thanks!


Hello, I am interested by this plugin, can it create in sales force, any kind of object ? Standart SF object like leads, or opportunities , but also Custom objects ?

Many thanks for your help



Hi Loic,
it can create the standard objects,
not sure about the custom ones, what do you mean exactly?