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I bought the Salesforce plugin but it seems like it is meant to be used from a master account for a single organization. Am I right? I was hoping to have the users suplly their own credentials and be able to connect to their own Salesforce organization.


Hi Simon,
while researching to answer you I found out that there is a small issue with the plugin settings, we’ll fix it so that you can authenticate your users with their salesforce accounts and access their salesforce data on their behalf. We’ll also update the demo page and prepare documentation for the plugin.
Sorry for the hickup.
I will let you know when it’s done
please bear with us
thanks! :pray:


Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.



Hi Levon,
Do you have an ETA for this?



Hi Simon, still working, no ETA but we’ll try to do it asap
Sorry for a holdup