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Saving GPS location when App minimised


I’m looking at a project at the moment that needs Strava like functionality for tracking a users route. I know I can get the GPS position when the App is open and on screen but is it possible to keep saving the current GPS position while the native App is minimised/phone screen off too?


Hi @richard7, thanks for reaching out.

We’ve passed this inquiry to the developer team for investigation if our Air Native plugin would support such feature. Once any results will become available, we will let you know asap.

Thank you for understanding :pray:.


Hi @Serg

That’s great, and thanks for investigating. I REALLY want to use Bubble for this client project (which has to be a native App) rather than anything else as it’s my platform of choice, so fingers crossed there’s a solution.



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Hi @richard7, you’re always welcome

If there will be any other questions that I can help with, please let us know :wink:.

Have a nice week ahead!

Thanks @Serg

No more questions at this stage and nothing else in the project should be an issue (I’ve been using Bubble for a couple of years). It’s just that the background GPS is essential for this particular project and dictates whether we can take on the client or not.

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