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Scriptly - Does it use GPT-3? If not, could I order Scriptly with GPT-3 installed?

Hi Everyone, I am Lawrie from England. A Neuroscientist and an Editor (a tiny bit an artist :blush:).

I am looking to purchase Scriptly but only if it comes with GPT-3 or a similar AI-assisted tool.

Can anyone help me here?

Hi @lawrendran, welcome to our forum, and thanks for your interest in our templates.

Usually, the template setup provided by Zeroqode is based on free-of-charge plugins, 7to avoid hidden costs for our customers, like additional plugin purchases and/or subscriptions.
Thus, considering the subscription price for the GPT-3 plugin, Iā€™m afraid it is not included in the current template setup. Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, as our templates are fully customizable, you can add a corresponding plugin (AI GPT-3 for example) by yourself. Kindly note that this kind of customization would require advanced Bubble skills.

In particular for the AI GPT-3 plugin, for an easier setup, you can use the plugin:

Hope it helps. If any other questions related to our plugins will appear, please let me know, I will be glad to help.