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Scroll Bar not Showing for Hidden Repeating Groups


I’m using the Zeroqode Custom scrollbar for a site that has two rows of repeating groups that are hidden when the page is loaded: https://expertsearch.bubbleapps.io/ The rows are shown by clicking the buttons at top.

However, unlike for the first row that is not hidden on page load, the custom scroll bars do not show by default for the two rows of repeating groups when they are unhidden:

To show the ZQ custom scrollbar in the second two rows, a user must search in the search bar so the repeating groups are populated. But they should be showing automatically by default when the rows are unhidden, just like they do with the first row.

Any thoughts on how to fix would be appreciated!


Hello @hshadab,

Please try to add the action “Customize Scroll Bar” to the workflow right after unhiding action. The plugin is applying the custom design only on the elements that are loaded.

Please let me know if the issue will be solved and if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,