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Scroll button like netflix

Hi there,

Do you know how to create the scroll button (arrow) below with the same style than on Netflix:

Thank you for your help!


Hello @lossoanthony

If you want to create the exact same design (shape and style) button as Netflix I believe that’s something you’ll need to do with icons/shapes/images whatever you like:

If you however want to recreate the functionality of horizontal scrolling using an event action when clicking the icon to scroll through.
For this you could use a simple Horizontal Scrolling repeating group: https://prnt.sc/s41ro6
Place the icons on both sides for example of RG: https://prnt.sc/s41wlj
As for action when the icon is clicked you create a workflow which will scroll through the list of things: https://prnt.sc/s41yq8

Hope this helps.