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Search a specific "google sheets" plugin


I am looking for a plugin corresponding to my needs.
I would like the users of my application to be able to access my google workspace in order to create / modify a “sheets” without an apparent connection window.
this “sheets” will serve as a light database.
If possible, it would be nice to give me the name of the corresponding plugin.

Thank you and good day.

I think that the great plugin for me is "google sheets & charts (service).

Hey there, @fantasy73100!

Apologies for the late reply :pray:

You are absolutely right, the plugin Google Sheets & Charts (Service) will be perfect to fulfill your needs.
Kindly check out plugin’s Demo and Documentation in order to set up the plugin and look through its functionality.

If you will have any questions regarding this plugin, just drop us a line here.

Best regards.

Thanks for the reply, I did indeed watch the demo and more or less got what I wanted.

I have a question, can we export the spreadsheet to a google drive or recover it in any way?

Thank you in advance and good day.

Hey there, @fantasy73100!

The purpose of its plugin is to allow users to get access to a certain document with the ability to modify it, “without an apparent connection window” as you’ve mentioned earlier. So cause it is not being opened in Google Drive, it can’t be saved there.

But with the ID, that you will set up for the file, it can be opened and edited, and you are controlling the access in this case.

Let me know if I can clarify anything else about it.

Best regards.