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Search & Autocorrect Plugin - searching by geographical address

I’m having a hard time searching by geographical location using Search & Autocorrect. plugin,

Any ideas - thx!

Hi @scaffeoa,
Thank you for reaching out. :pray:

Would it be convenient for your to provide more details about your use case, are you searching for a data type field that is set for geographic address?
If so, please note that the plugin is working only with the text data types.

Please provide as many screenshots as possible with your setup, repeating group, data types that you are doing the search, and plugin settings.
This will allows us to check and reproduce it on our side and tell if it’s going to work.

Looking forward to your reply
Best regards, :slight_smile:

HI @Igor - yes I am searching for a data type field that is set for geographical location. Is there any way around this?

Thanks for your help.



Hi @scaffeoa,
Thank you for your reply and sorry for the late message due to the weekend.

Due to the fact that we have additional questions regarding your setup, can you please add our Support Team email to the list of collaborators to your application and provide a link to your app? This will allow us to check your settings and reproduce them on our side to find the issue.

To add our Support Team as a collaborator, you need to do the following steps in the Bubble Editor:
Settings > Collaboration > Add email support@zeroqode.com

Note: avoid the warning message regarding the plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

Looking forward to your reply. :pray:

Hi @Igor Yes Im on the personal plan and I can’t add you on as a collaborators as there are some other agencies on there already - do I have to remove one of them to add you? Thanks

Hi @scaffeoa,
Thank you for getting back to us.

Yes, if that’s ok for you, please remove the existing collaborators and add our support team email, this will allow us to check your setup and try to solve the mentioned issue.
After that, you can add back the existing emails that you have as collaborators.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Igor you have added support@zeroqode.com to my app as a collaborator - cool if you help me out thx!

Hi @scaffeoa,
Thank you for adding our support team email to the list of collaborators.

Unfortunately, the geographic address field type is not available as an option for Field to Search, because the Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete plugin allows only searching through text data types. As a workaround, you can try using text data type instead of geographical location and check the checkbox Set the text to match from an Input box. Please see the screenshots below.

Hope it will help.
In case there will be any other plugin-related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Best regards,