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Search bar within template doesn't work

This is on the Reddit template the top search bar doesn’t seem to work unfortunately and i need to be assisted nothing within the workflow has been adjusted therefore it must be an issue with the template. Any Help

Hi @Rashid30,

Thanks for reporting this issue via forum as well. I have managed to find the reason why it’s not displayed on preview.

It happens when user is not logged in:

But, as soon as you log in, the search bar appears:

And from there, you can search for (e.g. users) and see the results in this tab:

If you want your search bar to be always visible, whether the user is logged in or not, you’ll have to take the element called Group SearchBox:

And place it into the general group called Group General Content:

This way, the search box will be part of the overall group rather than of Group Search Content, which includes a condition to not be visible when user isn’t logged in:

Please let me know if that’s your concern, or if you have any other issues, provide more details like screenshots or screencast of your application, the design elements and especially the workflow so it can be fully visible.


Hi you’ve missed my point here the problem is not that the search isn’t showing but rather when something is searched for within the page nothing comes up despite my workflow directing to what the user searches for. It seems to be working fine on the template but not mine. I’ve not edited either. This and the logo directing to the home page is what is not working ?

Why is it like this ?

There isn’t Input community value under the group search box like on your screen is that the problem and how do you put it under so that users can actually search ??

Hi @Rashid30,

Thanks for feedback.

In this case, it actually means that your database might be empty, which is why you’re searching for some data and if it does redirect you to the search page, but showing no results, it means that the search functionality is working properly. It is just because there might be no data to search for. All workflow settings seem to be set properly.

I can also see that you’re running the app in Live, so it is important to deploy template + database as well, but it is required to make sure that you have some data in your Bubble db, first. So when you deploy your app, you’ll be able to have users/posts/communities in Live too.

This is not the problem in regards to why no search results appear. A can see that you have the input element here:

It is not a big deal, but it would be best to have the following structure in your Elements tree:

In your Group General Content:

You have the child Group SearchBox on the same level among other group elements. And when you open this group, you have the following child elements inside:

So in this group you’ll have the input and the search button with its appropriate icon as well. This is the best setting to have, as per our template.

Please make sure that you have your DB populated with objects, so that when you perform the search, you’ll be able to see the results. Here you can check on your DB data for all available tables:


Hi alex please provide me a step by step screen shot on how to move the structure not the data please that’s already done, i think the problem is with this structure this search bar seems to not be working i don’t honestly know why.

Hi @Rashid30,

Unfortunately, we cannot provide step by step tutoring on how to make the changes, because it is beyond our support services. If you need tutoring, you can check our https://lab.zeroqode.com/ to sharpen the Bubble skills, so it will be easy to tweak the template, or find more help here https://forum.bubble.io/ from the community.
We can only provide general guidance via forum. In case there are some errors/bugs - we’ll fix them on our end, so users will be able to use the updated version with bug fixes.
I can suggest you create a brand new project based on this template, because we’ve pushed an update with fixes - so you’ll be able to compare what you have on your side and perhaps copy and paste the design elements from new project to your existing one, then give it a try again.

Please let me know if you succeed to make things work again.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi, not step by step on what to do. just a screen shot on how to move the input to community under group box similar to your template. grab and drag doesn’t seem to be working. And i cannot restart the template as i have been working on this project for a while and i have a lots of data involved.

simple screen shot on how move the input to community to under group search box. And also the template has come like this therefore, it clearly had bugs which you’ve managed to fix on your side and not ours. This needs to be fixed!

can you please show your header workflow because there’s clearly a problem here

Hi @Rashid30,

Thanks for reply. Sorry but I don’t understand what you exactly mean:

If you are not able to drag elements in your Bubble editor, this can be a bug related to the editor itself, so you’ll have to report it here https://bubble.io/bug_report.

You don’t have to restart the template, you just create a completely different project but also based on our template (but it will be the latest version with all fixes), so you don’t have to touch your existing project. You’ll just have a new tab with new project and you’ll be able to see the changes on your side, then make the corrections in your existing project if you will, because it is not complicated. It is just a design tweak.

You’ll also be able to see the header’s workflow and everything that comes with it, but just create a new project with a different name, then check on it and perhaps copy/paste header elements from the new project to your original one, because it is doable.

Please try to follow the instructions mentioned above, and if you still have any issues, let me know. :pray: