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Search functionality - Fiverr template



The search does not work at all, works in every other templates AFAIK



Sorry for this happening to you. Could please provide a video so we can see which version you’re testing the functionalities for?
As you can see in the video attached, we tried the search and it works fine - https://www.useloom.com/share/f0fec0fc47d8495abffa11c0e37ea701 .

Thanks for understanding.
Zeroqode Team.



This is a auto-suggestion selection I see on the video, not an actual search.

If you just type any word like “the” in the search box, then press Enter or click Go, it does not pass any value to the search_filter?search= urll parameter


@cwmoss Hello.

Sorry for a delay, yes it was strange bug though. We pushed an update to it, can check the live demo - https://marketplacefiverr.bubbleapps.io/version-published_template

Thanks for understanding.
Zeroqode Team.


ok great it does work now. Now how do i get the actual fix? i am using the template itself with the issue. Thx


To get the actual fix you’d need to build a new app. however if you have already done a lot of modifications to the app after building off template we’d give you step by step instructions how to fix it in your app manually. Hope this helps. thanks!


i have yes. Will definitely need the step-by-step instructions please. Thk you


maybe it’d be easier if you give us access to your app and we fix it for you? [email protected]


thanks levon for that. I’m in learning mode right now so I’d prefer the step by step instruction to get a grasp of the changes


sorry but it would be easier for us to fix it for you


ah ok it’s that kind of a fix then :wink:
So how exactly would we do that? And please try to tell me a bit more on what was wrong/has been fixed, still learning here. Unless it was a real bug


just go to your app settings - then to collaborators and add [email protected] as a collaborator
we’ll tell you what was wrong after we fix it


it’s done, any eta on applying the fix? thx


Hey @cwmoss .
Sorry, but did you add us as collaborator? I don’t see your app in our list, could you please point us with the link to your app?



I did… Im on a hobby plan though so ti says it wont work unless the plan is higher


[email protected] is on agency plan so even hobby plan apps can add it to collabs


I added and yes it does say Agency


what’s your app name?


for this one it’s called risseet


Hello again.

Added a new element in design with workflow modifications. New element is in Group I of elements in Header and in Group F on search filter_page. Which is the element used in our template now for searching.
See the video of your app with search box - https://www.useloom.com/share/1ff19f42d78f4b8e86042d6b433fb0d3
Also the workflow

Try it, in your app.

Zeroqode Team.