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Search result page failing to show listings in Live Mode


Hi. I seem to have a search result issue on my platform.

The problem is the expected platform listings that are well within the set distance are failing to show up on the search result page.

Any idea what is causing this?
Any specific plugins needed?
Please assist. Your prompt reply and help is greatly appreciated.

Below are the screenshots.

Best Regards


Hello, @launchx.

Is this app made from one of our templates? If so, which one is the template?
You’re saying that search result issues is in the Live version of the app, so the Development/Test version works fine?
Have you tried debug it with bubble tools? Or maybe some other stuff you used to find the issue?

Can you offer more information regarding the issue; screenshot from the editor mode, workflow steps, or video.

Thank you.
ZQ Team.


Hi Dumitri,

Thanks for getting back to me. Appreciate it.

It’s the Airbnb rentals template which i purchased from your side. When it was in development/test mode, the search result page displayed listings correctly, within the set distance range. After deployment + version control to my own domain url and going live, search results page fails to display anything. This is the issue.

Been trying to debug but unsuccessful. That’s why i’m calling out for support.

To get a clear picture, I think its best you go to my url —> bypas.net
Register as a byper by listing something. After listing successfully, you proceed to home page and click Search. Search results fails to show the listing, just as in my case.

Pls assist.


When i type the name of the device in the listing, an auto suggestion comes up in white below it, showing that Its available in the Live database. Then i click search.

The expected listing doesn’t come out although its well within the set distance search range.
Furthermore, the device section is empty. The “Workspace” device is not relayed from the Homepage to this page.

This scenario only happens in Live Mode.
In Development and Preview test debugging mode, no issue. It works correctly.

Pls assist.


Homepage workflows:

Search result page settings:



The better idea for us able to look at the issue is you could add [email protected] to your application, so one of our Developers will check your app.
Right may be just guesses around here. Like may be a conflict with custom domain, or something with db actions. Have you deployed the db to live?
Or something related to geolocation radius which can not find listings. Or the the key may not work for geolocation.

Zeroqode Team!


Ok done. Added your side as a collaborator on my platform.

Take note.
Please be careful within the app because one of the developers unintentionally left behind some discrepancies on my platform after a previous similar collaboration. Please take special care with regards to any editing because it’s live.

Regarding geolocation, the listing address is well below 33km set range, its clearly within range because i’m the one listing it.

Regarding db, auto suggestion feature shows up at the homepage device column whenever i type the listing device name, meaning the platform senses the listings in the db, as shown previously in the screenshots provided.


Thank you for getting back to me and reaching out. I really appreciate your support and assistance. I hope the issue can be rectified swiftly.



You mentioned have i deployed the db to live?
Can you show me what you mean?

Best Regards


for this kind of questions it’s best to refer to Bubble’s documentation and general Bubble forum

because these questions are not template specific


Hi levon.

The manual doesn’t mention about db deployment to live. i went through it.
By the way, have your team found out the root cause of the search result issue?

Best Regards


simply click the link, scroll down to the section “COPYING ACCROSS VERSIONS”


Thank you for offering access, we’ll solely look into the issue alone w/o interfering with the rest of app.
We’ll look into the issue asap, after we find it and solve it we’ll notify it here.
Thank you for patience.

Kind Regards.


Hi Dumitru. Nice to hear from you.

As you can see the above screenshot, the auto suggestion appears below the device column when i type one of the listings’ name. This shows the platform is able to detect the live db’s listings but fails to show up on the search result page after clicking Search. Also, listing name doesn’t transfer to Device column on the search result page. It’s empty as you can see below screenshot


Hi, @launchx.

We looked into your app, haven’t changed anything yet the search is working in live version - https://www.useloom.com/share/e3d46bd4467b4c3083659f1daa5c20e2
There are like 4 listings created in DB for live version with respective address. (screen att)
The radius of 33km is quite small for the search option and looking at the latest search location (screen att below) from where you’ve tried to search the items that’s why nothing was found.

We tried to search for the Singapore alone from the dropdown option and the result is ok - https://www.useloom.com/share/e3d46bd4467b4c3083659f1daa5c20e2. It shows the 4 listings available in live DB.
Strangely enough is that the listings table in DB for Test version are empty.

ZQ Team.