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Search suggestions in the search box?

How do I enable search suggestions in the search box?

I’ve already linked my Google Maps APIs but I’m not able to see the suggestions like these:

Hello @vatsa

For geographic places suggestion, simply use a SearchBox element on page with Geographic places Style


Hi Dumitru,

I’ve already tried that but it’s not working.

Can you advise / help?



Okay - so I removed the Google Map APIs and its working.

Dusing live, somain connect - would i need the Google Map APIs? How do i make sure this error doesn’t happen then again?



For the SearchBox with autosuggestion you don’t need Google Map API to show off dynamically geographic places be it sandbox or live. (https://bubble.is/reference#Elements.AutocompleteDropdown)
However if you require to use the Map API in the app you’ll need the API keys for usage both dev and live.
Also if you’re using your own domain which was set for the app, you need to use your keys for Google Map and Geocode API, which can be set in the app Settings under General tab.

Hope this helps.


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