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Seevy - What else will I need to buy?

Thinking of buying Seevy, but I saw another comment on the need to purchase other plugins or templates to make it work. Can you comment on that? I wanted to know what the full buy in cost would be.

Jeff Nielson

Hi @jeffnielson!
Thanks for reaching out!

Our templates usually use free integrated plugins, however, if you decide to use a paid subscription of the services it provides - this will come at an additional cost.

This particular template uses Stripe, Apify, Coinbase, Twitter, Facebook, Google & LinkedIn APIs.
You will have to set up a developer account with some of the platforms you decide to use (in order to connect your APIs), and some of them are charging a fee.

Unfortunately, we cannot calculate the full buy-in cost, since we don’t know what services you will end up using.

Hope this helps!