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Set Center on MapBox Plugin Not Behaving

on my draft page fresh_map_test, I have a fastest google autocomplete input box generating a lat and long that I then want the MapBox Map to center on.

This is a very simple page with only five elements as you can see here:

The workflows are also simple (and valid) as you can see here:

However, when I preview the page, the map doesn’t center the first time. It only centers the second time you input a location, and then it only centers on the previously input location.

You can see what I mean in this GIF:

Hello, @harrisonalley. Apologies for the late reply :pray:

The most probable reason for your error is that you are calling the 2 item values at the same time - the Latitude and the Longitude, within your Set Center MapBoxMap A element. I suppose you need to add the pause before the next action here.

I have a few suggestions for what can you do in this situation.

  1. To use the ordinary Map element (not MapBox), as it is set within the Google Places Autocomplete demo page:


  2. To use the Search Box element, instead of the Input element.

The result will be pretty the same: https://www.loom.com/share/00e675bc8b764d1296d2c7927316e228

  1. If no one of these variants is appropriate to you, let us please check your app settings - perhaps we will find the solution within your working environment.
    Add our [email protected] email as a collaborator of your app, if it is comfortable for you.

Hope this helps :pray:

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@kate thanks. I will use the search box element instead.

I appreciate your help.

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I am now using the search box element instead for all my geographic searches on my page called any_location. If I choose Paris, France, it works fine. But if I choose Anchorage, Alaska, it doesn’t work. It’s almost as if locations above or below certain latitudes don’t work.

When I do this on a page with no other elements or workflows, centering and zooming on Anchorage Alaska works. But I need it to work on my any_location page which has several workflows and elements.

Thanks in advance.