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Set Center on MapBox Plugin Not Behaving

on my draft page fresh_map_test, I have a fastest google autocomplete input box generating a lat and long that I then want the MapBox Map to center on.

This is a very simple page with only five elements as you can see here:

The workflows are also simple (and valid) as you can see here:

However, when I preview the page, the map doesn’t center the first time. It only centers the second time you input a location, and then it only centers on the previously input location.

You can see what I mean in this GIF:

Hello, @harrisonalley. Apologies for the late reply :pray:

The most probable reason for your error is that you are calling the 2 item values at the same time - the Latitude and the Longitude, within your Set Center MapBoxMap A element. I suppose you need to add the pause before the next action here.

I have a few suggestions for what can you do in this situation.

  1. To use the ordinary Map element (not MapBox), as it is set within the Google Places Autocomplete demo page:


  2. To use the Search Box element, instead of the Input element.

The result will be pretty the same: https://www.loom.com/share/00e675bc8b764d1296d2c7927316e228

  1. If no one of these variants is appropriate to you, let us please check your app settings - perhaps we will find the solution within your working environment.
    Add our [email protected] email as a collaborator of your app, if it is comfortable for you.

Hope this helps :pray:

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@kate thanks. I will use the search box element instead.

I appreciate your help.

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I am now using the search box element instead for all my geographic searches on my page called any_location. If I choose Paris, France, it works fine. But if I choose Anchorage, Alaska, it doesn’t work. It’s almost as if locations above or below certain latitudes don’t work.

When I do this on a page with no other elements or workflows, centering and zooming on Anchorage Alaska works. But I need it to work on my any_location page which has several workflows and elements.

Thanks in advance.

@kate, no need to work on this anymore. Although I did not find a work around, I’ve decided to use this map plugin since it allows custom marker names for the google map pins which was the primary reason I was using the MapBox plugin (and not using the standard google map/your google map extender for the entirety of my app). I am still using your google map extender plugin to optimize the route since route optimization isn’t available with this other plugin. So I’m still eagerly awaiting an answer regarding my other questions!