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Setting up my Google Sheets & Charts (Service) Plugin

I am new to the no-code world (Cheers to me perhaps) and have run into a snag trying to integrate my sheets plugin, though it should be easy… I think?

I have set up the API as per zeroqodes step by step guide, (that I never would have been able to figure out on my own. Thanks for this.)

Now the issue I am having is actually displaying the info that is in the spreadsheet.

I have hundreds of records in the spreadsheet, I need to assign each row an individual ID (easy enough on the spreadsheet side if need be)(I think this becomes the parent group?) and then display individual elements within each of these “Cards” that correspond with the parent ID.

The contents of the spreadsheet change throughout the day, so adding new “cards” as they correspond to the new rows as they are created is also kind of important.

(The easiest way to think about this would be how a news aggregator like Apple News displays news content)

Thanks for the help!

Hi @kgrone,

Thanks for using our products and reaching out! Your question implies more Bubble development, but the thing you’re looking for is an actual RepeatingGroup element that lets you build this feature.

Have you checked our demo and its editor? Because we have an example with a list of files, pulling different and separate objects with its respective ID, so you can check on it and replicate on your side, then simply tweak it as you desire.

Also, make sure that everything is configure properly, as per our Google Sheets & Charts (Service) docs, here.

Just in case you have some more Bubble-related quetions, you can post your request here https://forum.bubble.io/, but if you encounter any errors with our plugin, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Hope it helps.