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Sheets Plugin HTML from Demo

In the Google Sheets & Charts demo uses Get Spreadsheet (Data) (Google Sheets) to populate a HTML element. It uses set states to populate with a spreadsheetID. When I use that same mechanism, I get a screen that says I need to log into Google. But It merely flashes a shortlived blank screen when I hit that button. I know that I am logged in, because I successfully create new spreadsheets ain my google account. Why do those functions work but not the get spread sheet data function? Do I need to pass some additional credential on through the HTML call? That is not obvious from the demo.

Also there is a problem with the dropdown of plugin actions in bubble. Notice that I cannot distinguish between the different calls. They don’t expand and I have to select them with trial and error. Could you lean on Bublbe to fix this or make your calls easier to find?

Thank you.

Hello @eric.hummel ,

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

About the issue with the plugin actions not being clearly distinguishable in the dropdown, this is actually something that needs to be addressed to the Bubble team directly. The action calls are named after the APIs, and in this case, there’s not much we can do on our end.

Regarding the issue with the “Get Spreadsheet Data” function from Google Sheets, even though you’re logged into your Google account and able to create new spreadsheets, accessing data might require additional permissions or setup due to Google’s security measures.

To better understand what exactly you’re experiencing, could you kindly provide us with more detailed information about your setup? This could include screenshots or screencasts of your workflow, the plugin element in question, the steps you’ve taken, the issue you’re encountering, and what you expect to happen. For video recording you can use loom tool.

These additional details will enable us to better replicate your setup on our end and provide a better answer.

Thank you once again for your patience and cooperation.

Best regards,