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Sheets Plugin - Read sheets data into Bubble db


I got the Sheets plugin to be able to display the sheets data similar to the demo. Now I’m trying to read that data into a Bubble database table. How would I go about doing that?


Hey Geoff, you would need to setup API workflow on a list (as explained here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLYaNHmt6_Y&feature=youtu.be)
it would create the records one by one using the list returned from the plugin
Hope this helps

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Thanks Levon. In the process of giving that a try. First issue I’ve run into is data types.

How would I set a data type on reading the values from the spreadsheet? I have some fields that are dates, values, texts, etc. I’m using the Read Values (V4) call but that seems to return everything as a text, so my assumption is that I need to use a different API call. Is there documentation on what all the different API calls do (e.g. Read Values (Data))?

Also, is there a way to authorize the sheets connection on a platform level so that the connection spans across different users being logged in / out?

Thanks again!

I’m afraid, that there is no native solution for your issue with text to date conversion. The think is, that bubble doesn’t have any support for that, so if the format is text (what is case of our google plugin), it cannot be naturally converted into date.
Luckily, you can simply buy our “date/time converter” ( https://zeroqode.com/plugin/datetime-convertor-1525781346586x563519155300991000 ) and include it in your workflows as additional step.

Another way is to involve some javascript logic with “tools” plugin and it’s “javascript to bubble” function, that will convert the date for you, but this solution require deeper knowledge of bubble and it’s javascript integrations.

Okay good to know, is that the same with text to value conversions?

Is there a place with documentation on what each Google Sheets API call does?

And what about my question on platform level authorization?

Hi Geoff,
yes, same for text to value conversions, you could use a plugin for that.
as for the platform level authorization, please see this thread, it would shed some light on it