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Shopify OAuth Not Working


I have two key questions in getting up and running with the shopify plugin in bubble:

  1. Having followed the setup guide for connecting bubble to shopify found here:
    Shopify Custom Apps Plugin - Zeroqode Documentation

The url redirection does not appear to work, with the message returned from shopify stating:
“Oauth error invalid_request: The Shopify API application does not support oauth”

Expected outcome:
Your guide states i should see this page prior to redirecting back to a bubble url.

As per: Shopify Custom Apps Plugin - Zeroqode Documentation

  1. Shopify seems to have been updated vs the screen shots shown in the guide, so is the doco still accurate?

ie where you show the steps to complete in shopify this screen doesnt appear to match todays setup experience for private apps.

Scratch that. :slight_smile: the support ticket enabled some rubber duck debugging. The missing piece was the failure to use a shopify partner account to enable the oauth access via a partner api key vs a standard private app key.

All working. Hopefully this helps someone else in the same situation.

Hi @brentlacey ,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you managed to make it working. If you need any other help, just let me know.