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Sign in with Apple - Firts name Last name

How to get an apple user’s last first name?

The documentation doesn’t clarify: Sign in with Apple

My settings:

Hello, @taattaik
Thanks for your question.

Yes, our documentation doesn’t provide an instruction for this case, since every use case is unique, and it is impossible to think about each of them.
As for your case, please note that it is possible just to record the full name of the user( first name and last name together) since Apple provides the data about the user in that way to our plugin.

In case you want just to store the name of the user in your database, you should “Create a new thing”:

Hope that would be helpful for you.
Best regards,

Emmm… I see 2 options in your plugin settings.
Last and First name

What is the purpose of that?

That gives me a way to save last and first name in different fields

Hey, @taattaik
I’m sorry for the misleading.

You can use these settings in order to record the First and Last name of the user on your side:

This will allow you to record both names separately in your DB.

Hope this would help you.
Best regards,