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Sign up button not working

Hi everyone,

I have tried many times to sign up after going through the beginners login/sign up video but it’s not working. I enter my email, enter a simple password and repeat it but it prevents me from logging in and presents a popup saying ‘make sure your passwords match’, can anyone help at all? I’m going through the airbnb template course videos. Thanks,


Hi, there!
Thanks for reaching out!
To help you better could you please provide a bit more details like screenshots of the element properties, workflow settings/setup screenshots (for instance: https://prnt.sc/tt3uhc, https://prnt.sc/tt3u7h etc.) to verify whether everything is configured accordingly. If it is possible you can make a screencast, that would be super helpful. Loom will be the best tool for this case. Also, please clarify does the issue appear in both courses: Bubble for beginners and Airbnb, or just in the first one?

Thanks for understanding! :pray:
Best, Julia.