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Sign up/Login Button missing from default template



Can anyone please explain the exact steps for making the Sign Up/Login button visible in the UI Builder section of the default template?

I’ve tried altering the Conditionals to show button when Logged Out under the button’s options.

Yet, nothing seems to make a difference.

The button is visible in the Responsive and the Preview modes. Also the Conditionals do change the behavior of the button in those modes, but nothing seems to make it visible in the Header in the default template.





Hello @iancandido,

To have the object from reusable elements visible in the UI Builder should be selected the option visible on page load.

At the same time, Conditionals will influence the objects’ behavior only on the development and live versions.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much, Alex!

That solved the problem. I was actually about to start digging around in the Appearances options myself to see if I could find the solution, as I had been fixated on the Conditionals options.

Next time I’ll explore deeper to see if I can solve it myself.

Your patience with my learning curve is much appreciated!

Thank you.