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Signin w/Apple - User logged out after closing app


I’m running into an issue with the plugin, where each time I close the app I’m logged out (and have to relog in each time I reopen it). Any suggestions for how to get around this issue? I’ve updated all settings to indicate that a user should be remembered / stay logged in.

This issue does not replicate with other social sign-ins or email sign-in.

Hello, @damirakyan
Thanks for reaching out.

To investigate this issue and help you with fixing this issue within your app, please share with me the screenshots of your current settings for the button and all its workflows.
Also, please make sure that you didn’t have any specific condition for the sign-in/login form, which logs out the user once the session is over.

Best regards,

Hi Ecaterina!

Here’s the screenshots.
Can you clarify about workflows which log the user out once the session is over? The logging out behavior appears limited to signin with apple, and doesn’t occur for users signing in with their email or with google.

Hello, @damirakyan
Thanks for the screenshots.

As I can see, you are still using the old version of the plugin.
I would suggest you update the plugin’s version ( we are not using Backend Workflows anymore, which significantly increased the speed of redirecting to the app) and configure it accordingly to the updated documentation.

Please follow these steps and let me know about your result.
Best regards,