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⏰ Simple Timer/Stopwatch - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Simple Timer/Countdown & Stopwatch plugin which lets you use it’s actions and events to create a perfect timing functionality

Link to the plugin page for more details: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/simple-timerstopwatch-1569589914563x148599537785085720

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I noticed that the stopwatch stops counting if you click away from the page or the timer isn’t visible.
Is it possible to have it on until the user stops it even if they click away?

Also, is it possible to get the value of the stopwatch and save it to the database?

I want to use it for a task timer.

Hello @amanda.dianne, sorry for delayed response, our team is analyzing now your request, and I will be back of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,

Hey @amanda.dianne, the timer will not work if you will close the tab with your App, but if the tab is open, the plugin works as expected. Doesn’t matter is it visible or not, it will work.

About saving the results in DB, of course, it is possible.
Check the next instructions:

  1. You have to create the state of the element like here.
  2. Then you are able to use this state to make a changes action at DB like you are doing usual, with type of number.

Hope it helps you.
Thank you,

Is it possible to make the name of the timer/stopwatch dynamic.

I want to be able to track the time spent on multiple “job’s” at one time. So can we make the name of the stopwatch dynamic in order to tie it to a specific “job”

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Hello @mikebhobbs

Can you please specify, what are you meaning with “name of the timer/stopwatch dynamic” ?
Are you referring the plugin elements?


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I want to second this! I really like the tool, but without the stopwatch being dynamic, I’m unable to really use it. I want users to return to a form and pick up with the same time I last recorded for them.

I think he is referring to something like this @Dumitru. The potential for this plugin is huge if we can dynamically set start values like what I have detailed here.