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Simple Timer/Stopwatchr/Stopwatch time option from database

I bought this plugin.
what I want to do is to make a countdown timer that has dropdown to select a time.

I created these elements ,workflow and data.
somehow it says error

I am sure I did something wrong but I don’t know which part.
please tell me how to make timer with dropdown!!

(and sorry for terrible English)
thank you

Hello, @narumi.t.afg. Thank you for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face:

Your request is under investigation, managed by our team. When I will have any useful info on your issue, I let you know ASAP. The investigation might take some time, so please would you kindly share a bit of patience.

Thank you for understanding :pray:
(your Englis is OK, ありがとう)


Would you kindly check the data format, which is set in your database for days/hours/min/sec values?
Also, could you please share:

  • the screenshot of your dropdown properties;
  • screenshot of the browser console (error);
  • video record of the behavior of your timer, as you have set it.

Thank you in advance.