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Sizing Issue with No GUI Uploader (AWS)

Hey, there. I’m using the Zeroqode AWS plugin and have set up a No GUI uploader to be fixed-width and fixed-height of 27px.

However, anytime I upload a file, it randomly increases the height and proportions of the uploader. I’ve tried everything — putting the uploader in a group and locking it, resetting the group after upload, resetting the file uploader input after upload, and no dice.

It’s more of a cosmetic thing, but it doesn’t look good after a single file upload. See recording below.

Any ideas?

Hello, @logandeyo
Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve just created the test page on our side and put the NoGui element on this page. I need to note that the element size was not changed after file uploading ( I tested this behavior on different browsers, including Safari):

I suppose that the icon you are using on the top of the uploader is changing its dimensions.
Can you please let me know how you implemented this icon? It will help me to check where is the problem.

Best regards,

Hey! It’s not an icon. The only element at play here is the actual No GUI element itself. See screenshots on how we’ve styled it to appear that way.

Hello, @logandeyo
Thanks for the screenshots.

Firstly, I need to note that it is the File Uploader element (not the NoGui element), that’s why I was not able to reproduce your case.
Indeed, in case you will use the File Uploader element, its areas will be a bit extended due to the upload process.

Currently, you can use the NoGui element and it will not be extended within your application.
As for Gui Element (File Uploader), I will consult with our Development team if it is possible to completely fix its size after uploading.

Best regards,

Ah, totally didn’t even realize that — thanks for the clarification!

Please keep me posted on the GUI’s size though (might just be easier to wait it out and wait for an upgrade).


Hello, @logandeyo

Currently, there is no possibility to keep the dimensions of the File Uploader element.
However, we discussed implementing this feature for the NoGui element. Since you don’t need a visual element, just a loader for files into a certain folder in your recycle garbage can, the NoGui element will also work for you.

I will revert with an update at the nearest time.
Best regards,

Hello, @logandeyo
Thanks for your patience.

By this message, I would like to notify you that our team did some fixes and now, you can use the NoGui File Uploader element for your goal. If you will click on “Display text title only” you will save the default title of the element without changing its dimensions.

Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version (Version 1.103.0) and give it a try.

Best regards,