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Skipping responsive for app only in mobile

Hello, I’m almost done finishing my app using the courses I acquired on zeroqode lab and during the weekend I will convert it into a native app using zeroqode’s native apps tools.

The thing is, I do not want users using the desktop version on their mobile phones, in which case I just want them to download the app; and only use the desktop version when on a desktop/laptop.

Can this be done? If yes, would I still have to make the site responsive?

The only part left for me to do is to make it responsive and since I want mobile users only using the app, I figured I wouldn’t make it responsive and when people load the site from a mobile device show them a landing page with AppStore and GooglePlay links to download.

Can I do this?

Any and all advice and guidance will be immensely appreciated.

Hello @gomeznilson

Thanks for sharing. Since you’re into creating a web app, meaning you’ll make it available on desktop and mobile via Native Solution, you’ll definitely work on responsive since the webview app cannot work and feel 100% like native, but they can be made very close and it will really depend on you because our solution simply wraps the responsive version of your website.
If it’s not responsive you need to make it such. When you make your website responsive you should try making it look close to native - that is adding native toolbars for ios/android, add push notifications if needed, etc.

For responsive you can tweak the way it gets displayed to get the exact look you want on page.
Hope this helps.