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Slack API - Extended Slack Post Messages

Hi there !

I’m trying to make the Slack API - Extended Slack Post Messages work but I just can’t figure it out.

I want to post a message on a given slack channel whenever a user click on a given button on my bubble app. I created an app on Slack, put my App Id and my App Secret in the plugin, configured the URI but still that does not work.

Has any of you used it and made it work ?

Thanks in advance

do you use the right slack channel id?
do you authenticate the user who has access to that channel?
to authenticate you need to use Bubbles “sign in with a social network” workflow action and choose “slack” from the list. Then the user needs to click on that button to sign in with their slack account and only then it would be possible to post a message to the channel (given that the user has access to that channel)
hope this helps