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Sliding Menu Issue

This seems to be an issue across all of the Sliding Menus including the one on the plugin demo page. It is now clipping the menu where the floating group stops. Meaning if the floating group is 133px tall, the sliding menu is now only 133 px tall. What this does is hide the rest of the menu options.

This creates a navigation issue.

There is also something else that is happening. Please see this loom: https://www.loom.com/share/c531e996b0cb4003bdd014840d0c5d30

This is a pretty important issue for me.

I ended up doing conditionals to make it work better for different users, but the issue with the floating group cutting the menu off is still something to look into.

Hello, @ben3
Thanks for using our plugin.

Unfortunately, this is the way it works for the Floating group. In case you set up the size of the Floating Group in which the element of the plugin is located (Side Slide Menu), then the Floating group will not extend downwards if the plugin element includes a large number of menu items ( as in your case).

We apologize, but we cannot influence the way content is displayed in the bubble element, because we can not interfere with the bubble element’s work.


I don’t understand why it worked as it was for months, then all of a sudden it stopped.

Hello, @ben3

We tested the Demo Page of the plugin and all is working.
Can you please specify what exactly is not working in this plugin?

I’m afraid that we can not reproduce or investigate this issue without more info. Can you please provide the screenshots of your current settings or video with the plugin work?