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Sliding Menu - Not showing Menu items in Live

Hi, I’m using the Sliding menu plugin on my MVP app, but when I push the app to Live, none of the menu items show, even though they show in the Preview and development pages.

Any ideas?



Hi @mtc,

Thanks for reaching out. In case you are dynamically pulling your items data from your database, than you also need to deploy your database to live, because otherwise your live database is empty and it cannot find the elements for Sliding Menu.

Deploying your test DB to live:

Also just try to make sure you’ve followed our docs here - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/slide-menu-plugin. But if you still have any issues, please share screenshots of your app, plugin and database settings, and exact steps to reproduce the problem.


That’s perfect, Alexandru, really appreciate it


Always welcome @mtc,

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