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Social Network email confirmation no longer working

Hi, I am using the Social Network template… I can no longer confirm a user on signup via email confirmation… not sure if this is due to the Bubble.io Plan changes… I am still using the Hobby (legacy) plan at the moment while I build out the application … the work flow did work…

Hello, @nathanjstrong
Thanks for reaching us.

If I understand you correctly, you are speaking about email confirmation during the Sign Up process in your application.

However, this option is not designed by default in the template. So, you created it by yourself and we, I’m afraid, can’t help you with it.

Please find below the possible issue and solution for fixing it:

  • Please check the SendGrid option;

  • Please carefully check email workflow for another object, that can reproduce your issue;

  • In case if you checked the issue, but repeatedly face it - please retort it to the Bubble Support team (https://bubble.io/bug_report).

Hope it will help you.