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[Solution] Fastest Google Places Autocomplete - Not working


I purchased your plugin “Fastest Google Places Autocomplete” and I’m following your demo editor exactly but can’t get it to work.

I’m receiving an error in the console
Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 10.33.22 AM

The google autocomplete element is on the page and the API key is provided both in the plugin and settings.

Running version 1.28

Any tips on what I need to do here? Thanks!

For anyone else having issues with this plugin, you need to also include the map element on your page for API to work.

Hello, @aram
Thanks for reaching out and great that you were able to fix the issue.

Please note that the map - is a plugin element and it should be always placed on the page.
The plugin requires the Bubble’s map element on the page in order to return values. When using Map element please refer to bubble’s manual - https://manual.bubble.io/working-with-data/setting-up-google-api-keys
This point is also indicated within the plugin documentation:

In case I can help you with anything else- let me know.
Best regards,