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"Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later."

I am using the Booky theme. I linked a Stripe account to the instructor’s page but when I go to pay on the customer end, I am getting this error:

“Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later.”

The Stripe account appears to be fully set up. The email is verified and it also says: “You’ve activated your Stripe account”. So I am not sure what else there is to do on the Stripe end.

I talked to Stripe support, and they thought that maybe I needed to use an Express account?

“If the Platform was set up to create Express or Custom accounts for their Connected accounts then they would not need to put in their own API keys as this would all be configured in the account setup/Oauth process.”

In any case, the seller Stripe account that is being used for the instructor is fully set up as far as Stripe is concerned. So the problem is on the Zeroqode/Bubble side.

I am at a loss as to what to try next.

Hello, @cnd. Thanks for reaching out.

Please make sure that you’ve investigated the Stripe documentation carefully.

I hope this info will be useful for you :pray:

This is not helpful.

These documents mostly cover connecting my company account to the website. My issue is that one of my vendors/sellers/instructors is not able to get paid on the platform. It is an issue with the seller stripe account.


Please make sure that the Instructor user, that is supposed to receive the payment for the course, has connected his Stripe Account.

Also, it will be useful if you share the screenshot of errors that you receive while trying to proceed a payment. It should include the browser console and debugger, just like this screenshot:


Yes, the seller has connected their stripe account. One moment – getting a screenshot.

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This is what shows up on the instructor’s stripe page. It appears that it’s not connected. But the classes are only visible in search if the account is connected. So I am confused.


I can do nothing but to advice you press the Connect your Stripe account button and to check once more :slightly_smiling_face:


here is a screenshot in debugger mode

@cnd, thank you for the details.

Let me please check this. It might take some time. I will let you know asap, when I have any info.


Thanks. This is preventing me from launching my business, so I appreciate the prompt response.


The screenshot you’ve shared (errors debugger+console) shows that you have not set the Stripe account for your Instructor yet: https://prnt.sc/t5n8aa. You can make sure in it if you simply add the text element to your page and set the dynamic data to it - Current user stripe account ID - it will be empty.

The second screenshot (Congrats - Stripe message) proves that Stripe seller registration can not be completed. It is most likely caused by the fact you didn’t indicate the Stripe redirect URI - http://bubble.io/poststripeauth

This information is present in the Stripe plugin documentation I’ve sent you a bit earlier. Would you kindly check it out carefully?

Thus, to resolve the issue you’ve faced you need to read carefully the Stripe plugin documentation and to add the redirect URI. It should help.


Looking now.

You might want to replace your screenshots in your documentation. The stripe interface has changed. The current location of connection settings in stripe is not where it is in your screenshots.

Or at least my sidebar menu in Stripe does not look like the sidebar menu in the screenshots.

I have put in the redirect in the company account’s Stripe.

When I go into the seller’s stripe account, it is asking me to set up a platform account. Is that correct? What kind of account should a seller have?

Please pay more attention to the Stripe documentation. There is a step-by-step guide, that tells you which step should be done next:

Yes, it is correct. Please find the 4th step in the documentation.


Right, so I have done. I was asking about that / am confused about that because I set the seller up as a platform, but I still cannot process payments. Is it possible screenshare with someone on your team? I think this could be resolved quickly.

@cnd, apologies for the delayed reply.

I’m afraid, we can not adjust the Stripe plugin for you. We can provide you with the guidance on setup or support when you face bugs within the products we create, but we can not assist you with your app setting up (Stripe plugin).

Except for the Stripe setup guide, which is described within its documentation, I hope you will find useful these references on Stripe plugin:

Payment Processing Integration Course

Stripe Payments & Shopping Cart Checkout Course

Youtube video lessons on Stripe (up to date):

I hope this will help you to handle the Stripe setup process :pray: