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SOX implemantation

Hi @levon

With the new open execution code in Bubble side server, how complicated to make an executable plugin inside Bubble with SOX program with his command line and save file? Any idea of pricing to integrated the solution for me?

Sox is designed to works perfectly with node JS or windows (audio manipulation engine, very light).


what exactly would plugin need to do? Can you describe and bring an example?


SOX answer on command line, example in windows :
sox.exe audio1.wav audio2.wav audio3.wav
This command will automatically take audio1.wav and audio 2.wav, and make a single audio3.wav output. Audio processor Army knife.

See complete integrated functions here: http://sox.sourceforge.net/

That solution will save me a server, and will increase speed.


At the moment Bubble doesn’t allow use of third party libraries in the server side code, so I’m afraid this won’t be possible right now.

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Ok will send special request to my friends. Thanks :wink:

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