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Spinner Plug In Different to Plug In Page - No dynamic colors

I just purchased the Spinner Plug based on being able to utilize dynamic colors as reflected in the Plug In Page image on the left. But after installation, the only colors I can enter are static colors. Have I missed something?

Hello @SerPounce,

Unfortunately seems that there is a small problem on the demo page because of what there is displayed a different version of the plugin. On your part is the correct (latest version) and there it is possible to change colors. Under “Speed” there is a “colors” field that you can use to set the colors of the spinner. “Infinity colo” is used only for Infinity Loading Spinner.
The problem with displaying different versions of the plugin on the demo page and user part will be fixed.

Best Regards,

Thank you for the response @alex.grimacovschi, but as I stated in my original post, I can see the ability to change the static colors. But my problem is that I was looking for a spinner that allowed me to implement dynamic colors, as shown on the demo page.

Ok understood. Unfortunately, in the current version of the plugin, it is not possible to implement dynamic colors. Please accept my sincere apology for the issue with the demo page that misled you.

Sorry once again!

Can you please advise how I can receive a refund. I purchased a perpetual license.

Unfortunately, according to bubble policy, there is no refund for plugins but considering this situation, you can reach them via [email protected] and check with them if they can make an exception.