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Splash Loading Plugin

Hey Team Zeroqode,

I’m using your Splash loading plugin in Bubble in conjunction with another plugin that allows us to trigger events off of repeating group loading states. I’m hoping to use that trigger to hide the loader early if the repeating group finishes before the fixed time we’ve chosen to show the overlay.

My thought was to run a simple bit of JS code to do that, but I’m not sure what that would look like. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for building this - it’s super useful and very helpful relative to others out there that look the same but don’t work on Safari.


Hello, @brian.schuring. Thanks for reaching out.

Well, if you are using some third-party plugin in conjunction with the Splash Loading plugin - we can not guarantee nor provide any advice on how you should set up the workflows following your needs.

Please understand that we are not acknowledged what exact plugin you are using for triggering events off, and we can not guarantee that this plugin will work smoothly with ours. In some cases, incompatibility may occur. This case requires to be tested, to make sure there is a workable way of implementation.

I suppose you can do it even with the help of the Splash Loading plugin. You can set a dynamic value, when you want to hide the loader, in the Time for hiding field. For example, hide the loader when the repeating group on the page is loaded (you should convert that y/n value to number):

You are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Besides, I tested this plugin on Safari using iPhone 11 - no issues with loaders. Can you please tell, if you were mentioning Safari for desktop?


Thanks for this @kate - just trying to understand what this is saying. Is it telling the workflow to launch the Splash and then telling it to close it (i) in 200ms if the repeating group is loading or (ii) in 100ms if the repeating group is not?

I’ve abandoned the other plugin for a bit and have wired the flow in your describe above. What I’m seeing from my side is that the Splash closes itself before the repeating group is finished loading. So we have a loader, then it closes, then we see either a spinner or a list that is still in the process of re-arranging itself.

Here’s how my workflow is set up when that’s happening:

What I’m ideally trying to achieve here is to show the loader when we reset the date range we’re searching in the repeating group and have it hide automatically once that repeating group is completely finished loading - so our users don’t necessarily have to watch the sausage being made.

Yup, that is. I supposed that my suggestion could be useful for you, but, as I can see, it is not pretty workable. Let me please check with our dev team if it is possible to accomplish your use case from the plugin end. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have any relevant info.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


We have checked with our dev team the possibility to hide the loader when some data element (repeating group, for example) finished its loading.

Unfortunately, at the current moment, it is not possible because the plugin does not “understand” when the repeating group has stopped its loading and requires the exact number value, indicated in the Time to Hide field.

Anyway, we consider this functionality as a future plugin improvement and we’ll check how feasible it can be to implement it in the future update.

As an alternative, I can recommend you to take a look at our Content Preloader plugin:

It looks like it can do the job you need :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you and take care.