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SPlashloading -- anyway to make it work on top of floating groups?


I’m usingthe splash loading plugin on a page that has a header and sidebar floating group in addition to the main body group container of the page. the splash load icon works, but only in the area shown in the main group container. is there anyway to configure splash so that it sits at the topmost layer and takes up the whole screen, regardless of it there’s a floating group in it?

I’m using bubble v6.

Hi @david4,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this issue is related to Bubble, because it is indexing the elements with its priority to be displayed on top of others, including headers for example. However, it is working as expected.
There is a possible workaround that can help. In order to splashload the whole screen rather than just the main group container, you can add an HTML element on your page, with the following code:

.splash {
   z-index: 2147483647 !important; 

Where the value for index is a relatively bigger number, so it will display the splashloading to the whole screen page.

Hope it helps.


Hi Alex,

Thanks so much for the helpful reply! i tried the html element workaround and it worked. Much appreciated!


Hi @david4, I’m glad it worked for you.

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Thanks! :pray:

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